A Response from FS Financial Strategies Inc.

“To say the last weeks have been interesting would be an understatement. But, as I sit here today, buoyed by the determination and passion of our team, I’m struck with a big realization.”

“They don’t know us.”

“The media, the casual observer... perhaps you?”

 “And that’s not their, or your, fault. It’s ours. We’ve been so busy growing our business through word of mouth, we haven’t been sharing our story, our why.”

     -Scott Low Co-Founder of FS

They don’t know why our strategists are not on commision, when the rest of the insurance industry pays their advisors in this way.

This is because incentivizing our people to do right by our clients is a smart, long-term business decision. When you remove the commission-only compensation from the equation, the strategist is now able to act in the best interest of the client, not themselves. It is a far better client experience when you can trust that your strategist is giving you the best advice for your financial needs.

They don’t know why we’ve invested in bright, welcoming financial cafes in which we do business across Canada.

Meeting with a financial advisor and discussing your finances is often overwhelming. A traditional office environment can be rigid and intimidating for many of us. This is why we’ve developed our financial cafes, with a vibrant and comfortable open-plan that is welcoming to everyone.

They don’t know why we donate money to charities and community organizations rather than investing in advertising.

This is because a core value of our organization is to give. We believe that our advertising funds can be spent in a more beneficial way, by donating to charitable organizations locally and internationally. We know that supporting our charitable partners is a meaningful way to spread our message.

Every time someone sits down with one of our strategists, we donate our money on that person’s behalf, to a cause or charity of their choice. This is our mission of care® program.

They don’t know why we invest so much in culture building, why we’ve developed a comprehensive training program delivered digitally, why we’ve created a highly effective mentorship process, or why our strategists are encouraged and invited to attend our ongoing, twice-weekly training sessions.

The answer here is obvious.

The better qualified our people are, the better they are able to serve our clients.

They really don’t know why we’ve invested heavily in things that differentiate us.

So, over the next few weeks, we’d like to start changing some of those “I don’t know’s” into “Oh, I get it because...”.

Finally in response to the allegations brought forth by the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC), we will strongly contest those allegations in due course and in the proper setting. There’s always two sides to every story.