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At FS, we believe it is our responsibility to make our world a better place… and we want to empower you, our clients, to make a difference right along with us. That is why we created our mission of care® program, the heart of our company.

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We believe everyone wants to give back, and experience the joy of giving, so we’ve made it easy. By taking our Financial Education Session, you gain a better understanding of how to make the most of your finances and…we’ll also donate $100 of our own money in your name to the charity of your choice.

Since the inception of the mission of care® program in 2010, we have donated to more than 850 charities across Canada. In addition to raising funds, it is also important for us to increase awareness of these very worthy causes.

With your time and our money, together, we can make a real difference both locally and globally for future generations.

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Innocence Lost Foundation

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Founded in 2013, by Ava Vanderstarren and Fazineh Keita, Innocence Lost Foundation is a non-profit organization for child soldiers and youth in Africa. Their aim is to create rehabilitation and community centers that provide a safe place, education, skills training and art and sport therapy programs. They bring healing and opportunities to former child soldiers and their communities after war.

To learn more about the project, donate or to get involved, please visit them at





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